How to Get the Maximum Benefit from Your Guest Blogging Efforts?


It is one of the finest ways to get relevant backlinks to webpage. And if it is done correctly then it can bring the targeted online traffic to your site. But you need to use effective strategies to take your guest blogging to the next level. In this post, we will discuss about the ways to generate new ideas for guest post, how to search for the blog where you can post your content, how to do the effective blogger outreach, etc. Below are the points that will prove to be helpful for you.

Generation of Ideas

Find the blog that is related to the topic that you are working on. For example, if your site is selling the weight loss supplement then you should look for the blogs that are related to weight loss. Search engines like these sorts of links as they are relevant to my portal. Try to get as many links as possible.

The second way wants a little more creativity. In this, you need to find the blogs that are related to your products or services indirectly. Using the same example given above, you should search for the blog that discusses about how to lose the newborn baby weight.

If you do so, you can reach to the audience that you cannot reach in any other way.

Research Work

I search the keywords on Google and try to find the blog where I can publish my content. Visit the site and check that whether it accepts the content from other individuals or not. If they accept the content then you add it to your list.

You can use more advanced ways of searching. These will bring more results for you to get your content published.

Below are some of the famous search queries:

“[keyword] blog”

[keyword] blog

inurl:[keyword] blog

intitle:[keyword] blog

“post comment” [keyword]

“add comment” [keyword]

intitle:post [keyword]

[keyword] guest writer

intitle:tag [keyword]

[keyword] submit content

[keyword] guest blog post writer

[keyword] submit blog post

[keyword] submit post

Blogger Outreach

Reaching out blogs and requesting them to publish your content can be tricky. That is why you should make a good relationship with the blogger or site owner. You can comment and share their blog on multiple social networks to build relationship. After few weeks, you will tell them how much you like their blogs and you more often share their content on social platforms. Then you request them to publish your content on their site.

You can also find a reputed Guest blogging services to gain more online traffic to your site. With the help of these Blogger outreach services, you can boost your business.

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