Off Page SEO Techniques that You Should Not Skip


Off-page, SEO assists your site to rank better in the search engine. It is different from the on-page SEO. In the on page SEO, you need to optimize your site and its content but in the off page SEO, you have to take care of the off page things ie which is not on your site.

Here are some off page SEO techniques that you should not miss:

Link Building

Gaining links back to your site is the best way to show Google or any other search engine that your site is trustworthy, authoritative and valuable. Search engine like Google see links to your website as an endorsement. As you portal is valuable enough to get linked to other website, search engine takes this thing as a signal that your website is trustworthy and relevant. This is why; link building is one of the most vital off page tactics.

Guest Blogging

It assists with both reputation building and link building. When you create a guest post for another site or blog, the website usually allows you link back to your site in author bio or post. The link adds site to your backlink profile. It will build your brand reputation as well as your name and company name will be shown on other portal. To do this, you need to start finding the website that will be good for guest blogging.

Brand Mention Link Acquisition

In case your brand is famous or getting popular then it may happen that its name is being mentioned on other site. Search the sites that have mentioned you on their website. If they have talked about your brand but not link back to you, talk to them and ask them to add a link in their site.

Competitor Research

To find the more link building chances, see your competitors and check what websites have linked to them. If a website has mentioned your competitors then it may happen that they are interested in mentioning your brand as well. So you are advised to reach to those sites and ask them to mention you or your brand.

Off Page Techniques for Brand Reputation

Some of the techniques that will be useful for brand reputation are as follows:

Social Media Marketing – Social media activity must be a part of your off page techniques. Place shareable content, have active social media pages and add share button to your written content to get the result.

Influencer Marketing – You can build your reputation by using the reputation of others. When you use the influencer marketing, you can build relation with other brands and invite all of them to share your written work and market your brand.

To get the best off page SEO services, you can go to a firm that is known for giving the best result. The company must use the most recent off-page SEO tactics to boost your online ranking.

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