On-Page Search Engine Optimization Checklist

On page SEO refers to optimize your web pages to assist them to rank better in the search engines. The main aim is to increase online organic traffic to your portal. Below is the checklist that we need to consider for the perfect on-page optimization of your site:

on-page seo optimization

Title Tags

It tells what the page is all about and it should be unique. In the search engines, the result should highlight your keyword in case a user or surfer is looking for that particular term. It will increase click-through rate and visibility.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions must have a description on which a user wants to click. Along with it, the meta descriptions must have keywords that are used wisely. The keywords should be highlighted just like title tags that increase the chances of the user to click to the link and enter your portal.


The content that you write for your website must be relevant, informative and unique. In case you have the same content on multiple pages then there is a high probability that Google will penalize you.

Header Tags and Keyword Phrases

Header tag is quite like the subject line of your website page. You are advised to use keyword phrase only once in H1 tag. This should be placed in a webpage on which you want to attract unique customers only.

Link Internal Page with Anchor Text

It means the linking that points to another page that is present on the same website. It aids the users to navigate through the entire site and it tells the search engine that the webpage is relevant for the used keywords phrase.

In case you want to do on-page SEO for your site then you are advised to choose some reputed firm to do it.

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