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On-page SEO is the optimization of individual web pages to improve their rank in various search engines. It brings more traffic to the site. On-page refers to technical set-up, code quality, textual and visual content and user-friendliness of your website, which are very important and can be easily optimized by a qualified team.

The Importance Of On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO plays a very important role to get the targeted online traffic to the website. It helps the site to rank well in search engines and also aids in improving readability of site for targeted users. To gain visibility in search results, it is highly essential since without optimizing on-page factors, the site cannot be seen on search engines. In case, on-page optimization of portal is not up to the mark then you will have to record low conversion rate.

On-Page Activities Followed By Our Team:

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Internal Link – It means that the website pages should be perfectly interlinked with each other. Linking should be done in the pages whenever and wherever it is needed so that the search engine does not spam it. Main pages of the portal should be linked with the home page. Link some of the related blogs to the website blogs to get extra traffic as well as to increase the page rank.

Keyword Selection – Only the right set of keywords is chosen by our team members that will attract target audience to website. These are the customers who have the highest possibility to be your paying customer. Plus, while using keywords, our writers keep keyword density in mind to give the desired result in the least time frame.

Meta Description Tags – It is a brief extract, utilized to summarize content of web page. A survey showed that more than 43% people visitors on search engine will click on the site based on meta description. Our writers will create a meta description, which is attractive, informative, concise and contains less than 160 characters.

Header Tags – Heading of the webpage is created with the tag in which ‘n’ is a number lies between 1 to 6. Normally, there are 6 different fonts that can be used for heading. H1 tag is utilized only for once as a title. Never use h2 and h3 tags quite often otherwise search engine will penalize the site owner to exploit wrong SEO practice.

Title Tags – As the name suggests, it is title of web page or document. You can see it in any tab in top of web browser. Being a top on-page SEO services provider, we create a title tag that is clear, short (maximum length 60 characters) and relevant to content.

Content – Marketing research that we have seen proves 75% of prospects would rather research company by going through content such as articles, blogs and videos instead of seeing ads. To find out what buyers want, Myjioseo team members ask questions from them and based on their answers, our writers mould their content. As we are one of the most preferred on-page optimization service providers, we give valuable, useful, attractive, eye-catching, unique, well-researched and informative content to the clients.

Alt Tags – To increase web page ranking, it is important to attract online traffic via images by utilizing the relevant and correct Alt tags for particular keywords. Use small to mid-size image as bigger image will reduce speed of site.

Need Of On-Site SEO For Your Business?

To gain high rank on search engine.

Get more online traffic on search engine.

Identify the relevancy of web page to search query.

Aid the user to understand quickly what a web page is all about.

Help search engine to know that the web page is good enough to get a better ranking.

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